2018 American Red Cross Lifeguard Training


Cost $140

MUST be pre-registered, must be at least 15 years of age and must attend all sections of a session
Must be able to swim 300 yards continuous and the freestyle and breaststroke, swim with a 10-pound object and tread water for two minutes using just legs.
CPR Mask Included
Limited to 12 participants in each session.
Register at YMCA service desk or online. 

Register Now

Friday, Aug. 24: 6-10 pm
Saturday, Aug. 25:  12-4:30 pm
Sunday, Aug. 26:  1:30-5 pm
Friday, Aug. 31: 6-10 pm
Saturday, Sept. 1: 1:30-5 pm
Dec. 26-30:  1-6 p.m. each day