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Float Early, Float First, Float for Life

Why Float for Life?

Purpose: Saftey First Classes are designed to teach children how to breathe, in water, by rolling over to their back and floating. This lifesaving technique can give each child those few extra seconds that could save their life. 

Children will learn safety skills that can be used throughout life. They will learn to float, swim to the side of the pool and move in and out of water comfortably.
This class should not replace regular swimming lessons. Instead, it will enhance your child’s abilily to be safe in a “this could never happen to me” situation.

Each class is determined by the child’s personal progress. The classes are 15 minutes each; 10 minutes in the water and 5 minutes of parent education. Child and instructor are in the water. Class times are listed below. Anna Sis, Aquatic Director.

Otter I: Ages 9 months – 18 months
Otter II: Ages 18 months – 3 years

Cost: $20.00 per session with 8 classes (financial assistance available)

In memory of Stacie Shaddock, her family and friends are underwriting this program through their gifts to the YMCA Memorial Program.


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