Y Notes

Falling into Health-No Joiner Fee

  • Ronda Graff
  • 04-Oct-2018

The alarm goes off and there isn’t a sliver of light in the sky. As you drop off the kids at school, headlights are still needed. And while there may be a bit of daylight left as you start cooking dinner, by the time the food hits the table, every light in the kitchen is switched on.

Whether you like it or not, shorter – and colder – days are here.

Maybe you are in the minority (including myself) who actually enjoy, and prefer, colder weather. Maybe you are among those of us who love pulling out warm, comfy winter clothing. Or maybe you love going to bed when it’s actually dark out, rather than trying to get enough sleep as the sun beams through the window.

But if none of those are your motivation to love fall and winter, there are still other reasons to enjoy this time of year.

Just one is that our exercise routines don’t go have on hiatus as the weather turns because we have options to go inside. McCook is fortunate to have a facility such as the YMCA in a town our size.

To have the opportunity to have an indoor pool available year-round should not be underestimated. Just ask those who travel for miles to McCook to use the YMCA pool, whether for swim lessons, to train for a triathlon or to splash around with their kids and grandkids.

This is the perfect opportunity to come inside, both because the days are shorter, but also because the YMCA is waiving its joiner fee the entire month of October. That is a $50 savings. But if you’ve procrastinated all year long to make exercise part of your daily routine, take this opportunity to be pro-active and get signed up today.

Again there are many reasons and many benefits. One benefit many people don’t realize are the unlimited, free fitness classes. All fitness classes are included in the membership, which can easily pay for the membership. If you are a senior and all you do at the YMCA is water aquasize classes every month, the classes can average out to just a bit more than $1 a class.

So rather than pile on more clothes to hide that extra layer of winter weight, seize this opportunity to do something good for you and your family by falling into healthy habits.

Not to be intimidated by fall or winter, the Republican River Fitness Series plans to resume Shoes and Brews tonight. We meet at Brown’s Shoe Fit at 5:45 p.m., leaving at 6 p.m. for a 30-minute walk or run.There is no fee or registration; just a chance to get together for a fun run or walk and finish with a beverage at El Puerto’s.

Plans are to hold Shoes and Brews during October and November, on the first and third Thursdays. Of course, Mother Nature doesn’t always check in with us to see if her plans match ours. And looking at the forecast, tonight’s fun run may be iffy…but that’s what all those extra layers – of clothes, not fat - are for.