Y Notes

Looking for something different

  • Ronda Graff
  • 15-Jun-2018

Sure, there is the swimming pool and swim lessons at the YMCA. There are the fitness classes, the weight room and the cardio equipment. And of course, there are the adult and youth sports every season.

But several activities - which are just a little bit different - are kicking off the summer.


For starters, the YMCA is hosting Nerf Wars in July. With separate age divisions, Nerf Wars is open to those as young as four years of age to those entering eighth grade.

For the uninitiated, Nerf guns fire foam bullets, usually with multiple rounds available before needing to reload.

In terms of toys laying around my house, Nerf guns are just slightly above Legos on my tolerance level. The bullets don’t hurt to step on, unlike the thousands of Lego pieces camouflaged on my carpet until my foot lands on them. But just like Legos, the Nerf bullets are everywhere around my house after a couple rounds: in the corner of the living room, on top of the fridge, in the dog food dish.

I’ll tolerate them lying around the house for a day or two but then they “disappear” when I sweep the house. Hence, the need to constantly replenish our supply of Nerf bullets.

For the YMCA’s Nerf Wars, participants only need bring a Nerf gun and safety eyewear. The bullets will be supplied, which is convenient. On the other hand, that could be incentive for my son to play: He can only participate if he picks up every Nerf bullet in our house.


Also up this summer is the YMCA’s Lazy Man Triathlon. While the program officially kicked off Monday, there is still time to sign up and start racking up the miles swimming, biking and running.

For a full-length triathlon, participants usually complete all three distances - 2.4 mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run or walk - one right after the other on one day. Elite triathletes will take from 8-9 hours to complete a full-length triathlon, while the rest of us like to get our money’s worth and use up the full 17 hours allotted.

But the Lazy Man Triathlon allows even more time. Participants will have until July 15 to log all their miles and those miles can be in or out of the YMCA. But the longer you wait to sign-up, the shorter amount of time you have to complete the triathlon and earn your sweatshirt. In theory, you could wait until July 15 and complete all the miles that Sunday, but I’m going to advise against that plan.


But quickly approaching is a triathlon which you can complete in one day.

The Michelle Walter’s Memorial Triathlon is Saturday, June 23 at the McCook City Pool.

Michelle’s Tri is the fifth event in the Republican River Fitness Series, which is sponsored by the YMCA and Community Hospital.

This is a sprint triathlon, which is a 500-yard swim, 14-mile bike and 5K run or walk. I should add that the swim portion can be covered either by swimming in the deep end or walking in the shallow end of the pool, so don’t let the swimming discourage you from participating.

If completing all three portions seems overwhelming, you can also sign up as a relay team with each person taking one section of the triathlon.

If even that seems like too much, consider volunteering to help at the triathlon. For many participants, this will be their first triathlon and they can never have too much encouragement and support on the course.

Plus, it’s just fun to watch people try to pull themselves out of the city pool after their swim. Cheap entertainment plus helping out for a good cause - it’s a win-win.