Y Notes

Pickles, corn, spikes, oh, my!

  • Ronda Graff
  • 06-Jul-2018

When it comes to sports, the usual suspects come to mind. Whether it is as a spectator or as a participant, most people will think of football and volleyball, basketball and baseball.

(Shameless plug right now: Sign-up has started at the YMCA for youth flag football and volleyball, now through the middle of August. We now resume our regular column.)

Then there is that next level of sports, which seem to peak in popularity every four years during the Olympics or some other championships, such as swimming, triathlons, biking or figure skating.

But there is yet another level of sports, which seem to have gained strength, even earning spots on TV. Not really sure how difficult that is these days since there seems to be a channel for every idea conceived.

At the Fourth of July party I attended, the TV was tuned to the American Cornhole Championships. I would like to say this was the first time I had watched it, but I may be considered a groupie since I’ve watched Cornhole twice on TV.

The stands were a bit bare, so perhaps holding a sport in a major league baseball stadium was not the organizers best move – especially since my group managed to fit the cornhole boards into an over-sized living room.

But they did have the marketing down, because I know that sausage cannot be spelled without USA thanks to Johnsville’s name splattered across every open space.

As soon as cornhole came to an end, it was quickly replaced by Spikeball, which looks like it is putting those mini-trampolines used for exercise years ago to good use. Summary: A cross between hand-ball, volleyball and ???

(Another shameless plug: The pickleball nets are set up at the YMCA every morning, usually requiring both nets to accommodate all the players.)

Speaking of registration, today is the final day to sign-up for the Cornhusker State Games, which take place around Lincoln from July 20-29. If you want to see a full gambit of sports, check out their list of events. The State Games are a great way to compete against different competition than you or your kids may normally see.

My family has not participated in several years because we have been so busy, but are planning to hit both weekends of events, at diving and the triathlon.

(Last shameless plug: The YMCA’s annual dive clinic is July 16-20 with whom I consider the best dive coach in McCook – my hubby, Jon Graff – although I may be a bit bias. Your child can sign up for the dive clinic up until the start on July 16, but anyone considering diving at the State Games needs to sign-up today. Just contact Jon for more information.)