Y Notes

YMCA closing for much needed work

  • Ronda Graff
  • 03-Aug-2018

We are going to cover a lot of ground, both literally and figuratively, so hold on for another short-attention-span column…

As all house and building owners know, maintenance and improvements are simply needed, whether daily, monthly or yearly.

The YMCA is no different.

Once a year, the entire YMCA gym floor is receives a new coating so that it retains a nice, shiny appearance.

Rocks and dirt from people’s shoes take their toll over the year, so it is necessary to close down and refinish the floor to prevent further damage and keep it usable for years to come.

The gym will be closed Friday for the refinishing project and remain closed through the weekend.

The YMCA plans to remain open Friday until its regular closing time of 7 p.m.

But if the fumes from the gym project become too overwhelming, the YMCA will close so please call if you are worried about the Y being closed upon your arrival.

And I don’t claim to be a gym-floor expert but evidently the fumes get stronger as they dry, so the Y will be closed all day Saturday to air out the building.

This is never a fun process but simply something that is needed if we want this facility to last.

Another not-fun-process: closing down the locker rooms. Very few areas in the YMCA are used as much as the locker rooms so it is hard to do major improvements without disrupting service.

But the locker rooms will be undergo further renovations next week, starting with the women’s locker room closing on Monday and Tuesday, followed by the men’s locker rooms on Wednesday and Thursday.

Those with closed locker rooms are asked to utilize the family locker rooms near the entrance to the swimming pool.

Now, anyone who has done renovation projects knows unsuspecting things inevitably arise, especially when it involves electricity and water, which this project does.

So changes to the schedule are possible, so please contact the YMCA if you have questions.

And thank you to everyone for your understanding as these improvements are made, but they will be worth the inconvenience in the end.


The fall sports season is right around the corner, which means teams are forming for the youth flag football and volleyball teams.

The registration deadline is Tuesday.

Games don’t start until Sept. 8, but between forming teams and practicing, that time will fly by, so get those first through sixth-graders signed up today.

The volleyball games are played at the YMCA with the football games behind the McCook Junior High and Hiigh School.

A few years ago, out of necessity because of flooding at Barnett Park, McCook High School allowed us to use the practice football fields behind the high school and junior high for football.

It has been a blessing to have both sports located so close together…just ask any parent who previously darted between the Y and Barnett Park, trying to catch multiple children’s games.


Live Y’ers is the YMCA’s child care program, offered for elementary-aged school children after school or all-day when school is not in session.

The YMCA staff is exploring the possibility of adding before-school hours, where children would be transported from the Y to their respective elementary schools in the morning. If this is something you need and would use, please contact the Y service desk for more information.


Finally, while the Y will be closed this weekend, next weekend is the last of the summer hours.

Regular hours resume Monday, Aug. 13, which means later hours during the week and extended hours over the weekend including opening on Sundays.

People have been outside all summer, enjoying the nice weather and tolerating the not-so-nice weather.

It is time to venture inside more with school resuming and winter right around the corner….both thoughts which may make people cringe.