Rules to Remember

Weight Room

  • No children below 6th grade allowed. (no exceptions with parents)
  • Grades 6-8 must be accompanied by their parent/guardian. Persons in grade 9 & older many use the equipment.
  • Check on weight room clinics to receive assistance on proper use of equipment.
  • Must wear shirts.
  • Intentionally dropping weights will result in membership privileges being revoked.
  • Please be respectful of others – unload machines. 

Aerobic Exercise Equipment

  • Youth of all ages may use the cardio equipment if under direct supervision of an adult. The adult must be in High School or older and remain in the track area.
  • If the youth is abusing the equipment or endangering others or themselves, they will be asked to get off the equipment.
  • Persons in Grade 9 and older may use the equipment without supervision.
  • Please keep workouts to a maximum of 30 minutes to allow other members the use of the equipment also.

Saunas and Whirlpool

  • Adults age 18 & out of high school are allowed.
  • Please follow safety regulations posted.
  • Men must check out a key at the service desk for sauna.


Swimming Pool

  • The pool will be closed when lifeguards are not available.
  • Adults and youth may lap swim in the East lane anytime the lane line is in. Please respect others that may be using the pool.
  • Pre-school children and/or non swimmers must have an adult in the water with them and within arms reach.
  • Family locker rooms are available in pool hallway for those with opposite gender children. Keys are available from lifeguards.
  • No diving during all lap swim times.
  • All persons must take a soapy shower before swimming. Please use shower area to dry off to keep the locker room floors dry and safe.
  • Only swim attire in the pool area – no t-shirts or cut-offs in water.
  • It is a State Requirement for any child that wears diapers and will be using the pool to wear “Little Swimmers”. They are available at the service desk for 75 cents.
  • No shoes on the pool deck.
  • Must wear shoes and be properly attired when in areas other than the pool.
  • All safety regulations are posted in the pool hallway.
  • Please respect all YMCA members by not taking older boys/girls into the opposite gender locker rooms.



  • YMCA staff reserves the right to limit phone use to help keep the business lines open.


Food and Drinks

  • We ask that all food and drinks remain in the lobby and game room areas. Water is allowed throughout the building.
Thank you for your cooperation!