Live Y’ers

Afterschool Childcare Program &
Summer Adventure Camp

For children Kindergarten through 6th grade

Licensed childcare through the State of Nebraska
Miranda Farley, Director

Program Goals

The program is based on educational principles geared to the developmental levels of the children involved. Age appropriate activities will be offered in both large and small group settings. In addition, opportunities for study time will be built into the schedule.

The program offers security and protection during the summer and after school when parents are not available.

Opportunities for outdoor and recreational activities will be provided. Also, since the children need to have a reasonable amount of privacy, small group or individual time will be scheduled.

Physical activities will be provided so that the children can develop coordination, fitness and athletic skills.

Those older, more mature children, will be allowed to assume positions of responsibility and develop self-reliance.

The program will provide positive self-esteem building for the child. A helpful and cooperative attitude will be expected in return.

The YMCA organization commits itself to serve the community with quality childcare services. Complete parental support is essential to this goal.

State of Nebraska Licensed Child Care

School Year Guidelines

Children must be pre-registered.

Program times are from 3:00 – 6:00 pm on school days and 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday on days when there is no school.

Transportation will be provided from school to the YMCA.

Daily activites include healthy snacks, story time, homework time, activities (games, swimming, etc.), clean up time & time to be a kid!

Children must be signed for by a parent or designated guardian when picked up.

If the program is NOT notified, by 12:00 pm on school days and 9:00 am all other days that your child will not be attending, fees will be charged at the regular rate. 

Please pay at the service desk for your child to attend the after school program. Your child’s account must be current or they will not be picked up from school.

Rates Effective May, 2015

$8.00- Regular School Day

$10.00- Early Out Day

$20.00- No School Day

$20.00 – Summer per day