Staff & Board

YMCA Staff

Welcome to the Ed Thomas YMCA. Below is a list of departmental staff members and their responsibilities. If you have a specific question, please feel free to contact the appropriate staff member.             
Mitch Gross, Executive Director
Jennifer Hall, Receptionist
Anna Sis, Aquatic Director
Bill Sink, Maintenance

2020 Board of Directors

As a membership organization, the members of the Board of Directors are elected from our membership to a three year term. The Board of Directors is responsible for the development of policy and give the YMCA its ultimate direction from year to year. If you would like to volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors or one of its sub-committees please contact Mitch Gross or Craig Dickes, President.
Craig Dickes, President                                        
Colt Hosick, President Elect                                        
Jeremy Shaw, 1st Vice President
Stacy Priebe, 2nd Vice President                             
Nikki Cappel, Treasurer            
Travi Rambali, Secretary
Father Gary Brethour                             
Jeff Holthus                             
Sherri Stang                                                                                        
Scott Johnson                                                    
Chelsey Hartwell                
Jeff Donelan

Employment Application




Employment Opportunites 

Office Manager Office Manager (390 KB)

Fitness Director Fitness Director (140 KB)